Wig Wam "667... The neighbour of the beast" CD - 2004

Wig Wams debut CD from 2004 !!!

PrisNOK299,00 inkl. mva.


Wig Wams debut CD from 2004!
Only released in Norway. Been out of Stock for many years, so its very hard to find, even used.
This comes from the bands own collection.
Never used, so mint condition.

  1. 667
  2. The Best Song in the World
  3. Crazy Things
  4. Out of Time
  5. Mine All Mine
  6. Hard to Be a Rock'n'Roller
  7. Tell Me Where to Go
  8. Erection
  9. I Turn to You
  10. Car-lyle
  11. Bless the Night
  12. A Long Way
  13. No More Living on Lies